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Wangquan brand automatic screw oil press

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Yishui Yangdong Machinery Co., Ltd.

   Screw oil press is mainly used for the oil press for individual processing. This product is a kind of hydraulic automatic oil press, the output is not large, but it is simple and convenient. The main product now is a screw press. There are also screw oil presses for cold pressing, which are relatively inexpensive, but the oil yield is not high.

   Introduction Just like Rizhongtian’s is a fully automatic screw oil press, it is a domestic technology introduced in Korea more than ten years ago, with vacuum filtration and automatic temperature control. The product oil is of good quality. It has a fragrant taste and high oil yield. Now it is mainly used for processing in rural areas. Or it is used for on-site processing in urban areas, so that it seems that the production is more transparent and makes customers more assured. It is of great benefit to the development of business. Many regions now operate according to this model, and the profits are quite substantial. Almost all oil crops can be pressed by a small oil press. Including peanuts, soybeans, oil sunflower, rapeseed, walnut, cottonseed, etc. Especially peanut oil and sesame oil, because they are more expensive. There are often counterfeit and leached oils in the market, which are not good for health, so the on-site processing method meets the needs of users who value genuine products at a reasonable price. It is now the main way of use in urban areas.

  Principle When the oil press is operating, the processed oil enters the press chamber from the hopper. The raw material is continuously pushed inward by the squeezing screw for pressing. Because the material embryo is in motion in the press chamber of the oil press, under the condition of high pressure in the press chamber, a great frictional resistance is generated between the material embryo and the snail, and the material embryo and the press chamber. It can cause friction between the micro-materials and cause relative movement. On the other hand, because the diameter of the root circle of the snail is gradually thickened and the pitch is gradually reduced, when the snail is rotated, the thread-strengthened embryo can be pushed forward and turned outward, and it is close to the screw thread. The surface material layer also rotates with the press shaft. In this way, each embryo particle in the press chamber does not move at the same speed and in the same direction, but there is also relative movement between the particles. The heat generated by friction meets the heat necessary for the operation of the oil extraction process, helps to promote the thermal denaturation of the protein in the raw material, destroys the colloid, increases the plasticity, and reduces the viscosity of some oils, which is easy to precipitate. The oil output rate of the oil press is improved, so that the oil in the material is squeezed out and flows out from the gaps in the circular row and the row.

  Technical Parameters

   equipment advantage

  High oil output rate--Compared with old-fashioned equipment, the normal oil output rate can be 2 to 3% higher, and every 100 catties of peanuts processed can increase by 2-6 catties on average. The annual economic benefits are very considerable.

  Energy saving-the same output can reduce the electric power by 40%, and based on the average saving of 6 kWh per hour, the daily production can save 30 yuan in electricity costs.

   Labor saving-the same output can save 60% of the labor force, 1 to 2 people can organize production, and the daily labor efficiency can be about 40 yuan.

   Wide range of applications-one machine for multiple purposes, can squeeze more than 30 kinds of oil crops such as peanuts, flax, sesame, rapeseed, sunflower, cottonseed, soybean. Multi-stage pressing, squeezing clean at once.

  Pure oil quality--vacuum filter residue to ensure pure oil quality and meet the sanitary and quarantine standards.

   occupies a small area-the oil workshop needs 10-20 square meters to meet the needs.

  The idea is novel. The electromechanical integrated design is scientific, reasonable in structure, easy to operate, safe and stable. It adopts a fully automatic device, and it only takes a few minutes from feeding to finished product at one time.

The material is excellent and the craftsmanship is made of high-carbon steel, which is high-frequency quenched and heat-resistant. It has high hardness, high strength and good wear resistance. It is suitable for continuous operation at high temperature and high pressure, and improves the service life of the oil press. For decades.

Reasonable and high oil output rate of the press chamber adopts the principle of multi-stage propulsion and gradual pressurization to increase the pressure of the press chamber rapidly, and make the oil fission and separation at one time. The infrared temperature control system is adopted to automatically control the pressing temperature and moisture, so that the oil is directly It softens and activates the oil molecules, the pressing is stable, and it is exhausted at one time, which greatly improves the oil yield.

The temperature-controlled frying material automatically pours the quality of the frying material, which directly affects the quality of the oil and the oil yield. There is a saying of "three-point squeezing, seven-point frying", which shows the importance of fried materials in the oil extraction process , And the key to frying is the quality and device of the frying machine. Our company's frying machine adopts gear transmission, each model is equipped with vibration and noise reduction devices, thickened steel plate and frying chamber volume, can be heated by a variety of heating fuels (coal, electricity, gas, firewood, etc.), widely heated, and fast frying Such design concepts greatly improve the service life of the stir-frying machine and the quality of stir-frying seeds. It is also equipped with advanced devices such as oil temperature display instrument, reverse switch, and magnetic separation function. It is easy to operate and highly automated.

It is suitable for all seasons without restriction. The oil press is not restricted by the climate. It is suitable for all seasons in the north and south. Because the oil pan device adopts a heating temperature control system, it can automatically adjust the temperature of the crude oil according to the ambient temperature to achieve the effect of rapid fine filtration. , So it is not affected by seasons and climate, and can be squeezed and operated throughout the year.

High-efficiency fine filtration is fast and convenient. A variety of fine filtration system devices are used to increase filtration pressure and increase the temperature of crude oil. The brand-new new oil guiding technology, automatic filtration, pure oil, oil filtration and pressing are carried out simultaneously, which greatly improves The oil filtering speed is convenient and practical, which is an ideal choice for users.

A wide range of squeezing machine for multiple purposes Regardless of the differences in climatic conditions across the country, it can truly achieve the effect of oil output after starting up. This machine adopts a forced feeding device, feeding at an even speed, and a fast squeezing speed, which can widely squeeze peanuts, soybeans, rapeseed, and sesame , Oil sunflower, flax seed, camellia seed, cotton seed, pepper seed, walnut kernel, tung seed, castor, almond and other oil crops.

  Oil rate reference

   Economic Benefit Analysis

   1. Take the small-scale daily extraction of 500 kilograms of crude oil (97% yield) as an example:

  1. The total cost is 6778 yuan. Of which: crude oil cost: 515kg x 13 yuan/kg=6695 yuan; electricity fee: 25 yuan/500kg; 1 person: 50/day; additive: 8 yuan/500kg

   2. Output value: 500 kg x 16 yuan / kg = 8,000 yuan

  3, profit = 7,500 yuan-6778 yuan = 722 yuan, that is, a daily profit of 1,222 yuan.

   2. Take the small-scale daily extraction of 500 kilograms of hot pot oil (98% yield) as an example:

  1. The total cost is 3141 yuan. Of which: hot pot oil cost 510 kg x 6 yuan/kg = 3060 yuan Electricity fee: 25 yuan/500 kg Labor: 50 yuan/day x 1 person = 50 yuan Additives: 6 yuan/500 kg

   2. Output value: 500 kg x 10 yuan = 5000 yuan

  3. Profit: 5000-3141=1859 yuan, that is, a daily profit of 1859 yuan

  Instructions for use

   1. Before use, you must read the instruction manual carefully and be familiar with the performance characteristics and operation methods of this machine.

   2. Before starting the machine, a comprehensive inspection must be carried out. The fasteners must not be loosened, the handle can be turned flexibly, and the belt pulley should be turned by hand. The running parts should be normal without abnormal noise. Then add 30# oil into the reducer.

3. Loosen the lock nut and turn the adjustment screw counterclockwise (turn the adjustment handle counterclockwise to narrow the gap between the cakes, and turn the adjustment handle clockwise to widen the gap between the cakes) so that the cone of the squeezed screw is pressed against the cake ring Then turn out the adjusting screw clockwise (3-5 turns), and then tighten the nut, ready to start.

   4. The machine is connected to a three-phase four-wire power supply. After the power is turned on, the spindle should rotate counterclockwise. No matter what the situation, the machine must have a good grounding device, otherwise it cannot be turned on.

5. Adjust the temperature controller (2) to the temperature required for pressing 120 ℃-160 ℃ (depending on the oil), turn on the heating switch to the heating position of the host, and heat up the machine. At this time, the green light on the temperature controller is on, The red light is off, when the temperature of the machine rises to the set temperature, and the red light is on and the green light is off, the temperature of the machine is automatically controlled and maintained at the set temperature. When the temperature is low in winter, turn on the heating switch to all the heating positions of the host. Increase the temperature of the oil pan to facilitate oil retention.

   6. Press the main motor button, (turn the main motor switch to the positive position) the main motor starts to run, and the direction of rotation should be counterclockwise.

7. After the new oil press is installed, it will be milled for 4-8 hours. The method is to slowly feed the cake material from the hopper with the dried oil, and repeatedly press back to make the press chamber polished. Remember not to The material is poured directly into the hopper, and it is advisable to feed it by hand to prevent the squeezing screw from jamming. If the feed is too strong, there is an abnormal noise in the press chamber or the press screw shaft is stuck, stop immediately, eliminate the obstruction, or start the grinding after reassembly, and forcibly towing is strictly prohibited.

   8. During normal oil extraction, the feed must be kept even, not too much or too little or the material is cut off and idling. At this time, the load of the machine is normal, the operation is stable, and the sound is rhythmic. The cake output is smooth, there is basically no residue in the low pressure section, and a small amount of oil residue in the high pressure section, but the proportion of the residue in the oil is not more than 10%. The temperature in the press chamber can reach 150-200℃, and the green smoke from the cake outlet should pass through The shield is discharged from the smoking pipe. The squeezed hot cake should be spread out in time, don't rush to pile or ship, otherwise natural phenomena will occur. When the continuous working time is long and the temperature of the machine is too high, cooling measures such as electric fan and blower should be taken.

9. When the squeezed oil flows into the oil filter, press the button of the vacuum pump, the vacuum pump starts to run, the air in the oil filter is drawn out, the internal pressure is formed in the oil filter barrel, and the oil above is naturally drawn into the filter. Oiler, and the oil residue is isolated on the filter cloth. After the squeezing is completed and the oil is pumped, open the valve on the oil filter and stop the vacuum pump. Dry residue is formed on the filter cloth, which can be scraped off with a scraper. The valve at the bottom of the pure oil filter in the oil filter is released.

   10. Shut down. Before stopping the machine, stop feeding, and then put in a small amount of cake crumbs. After the remaining material in the pressing chamber is exhausted, the machine can stop the machine from the cake outlet. After stopping the machine, turn the adjusting screw out clockwise for 1-3 times, and then disconnect the power supply.


   (1) The lubrication should be checked after every 50 hours of work. The oil cup above the reduction box must not be short of oil. The bearing in the screw shaft adjustment screw should be filled with butter once per shift from the adjustment screw hole. Dry grinding is strictly prohibited.

   (2) The lubricating parts should prevent the intrusion of dust and other impurities. The quality of the oil in the gearbox should be checked once a year. All the oil should be replaced if it has deteriorated.

  (3) When the squeezing volume is reduced and the cake or oil output is abnormal, the screw shaft should be pulled out, and the wear of the screw, squeezer, and cake ring should be checked. The worn parts should be replaced in time.

   (4) After each shift, the residual cake in the machine should be removed, and the dust and grease on the surface of the machine should be wiped off.

   (5) When storing for a long time after the end of the production season, a maintenance should be carried out, and the snails, squeezed strips, and cake rings should be removed, washed and re-oiled, and placed in a dry place.

  Fault and troubleshooting

  The oil press is composed of two parts: hydraulic and press. Its common faults and troubleshooting methods are as follows.

   1. The hydraulic pump pressure is not enough

  the reason is:

  ①The oil outlet valve is dirty or has poor contact; ②The oil return valve screw plug on the press is in poor contact with the valve seat or is not tightened, resulting in oil return; ③The wear gap between the small piston and the pump body is too large. The corresponding elimination methods are: ① disassemble and grind to make it close; ② grind the oil inlet and outlet valve plugs and valve seats on the press to make them close or tighten the plugs; ③ replace with a new pump.

  2, the hydraulic pump can't pump oil

  the reason is:

①The oil filter is blocked; ②The oil has been used for too long, and there are sediments attached to the fuel inlet valve, making the throttle not tight; ③The oil in the fuel tank is too thick or condensed due to weather; ④The amount of oil in the fuel tank is insufficient; ⑤Hydraulic There is no vacuum in the pump. The corresponding elimination methods are: ①clean the oil filter; ②replace the new oil or release the old oil; filter and clean the oil inlet valve, and grind it to make it tight; ③change the thin oil, and increase the room temperature in cold weather; ④ Add enough oil to the oil tank; ⑤ Pull out the small piston, fill in the oil and press again.

  3. The pointer of the pressure gauge cannot be maintained and drops rapidly

  the reason is:

   ①The safety valve is not sealed; ②The oil inlet and outlet valve plugs and the steel ball are in poor contact; ③The oil pipe joints and the hydraulic cylinder screw plugs and the hydraulic cylinder oil inlet are not tightened; ④The three-way oil return valve is in poor contact with the steel ball. The corresponding elimination methods are: ① Grind the safety valve to make it tight; ② Grind the inlet and outlet valves to make it tight; ③ Tighten the oil pipe joints and hydraulic cylinder plugs; ④ Grind the oil return valve.

  4, the joystick lifts up

  the reason is:

  ①The oil outlet valve is in poor contact with the steel ball; ②The spring head is separated from the steel ball. The corresponding elimination methods are: ① Grind the oil outlet valve and replace with new steel balls; ② Expand the spring head.

   5. Bureau materials

  the reason is:

  ①The temperature of the oil is not suitable for steaming and frying, the material temperature is too low, and the water content of the cake is too high; ②The thickness of the cake is uneven; ③When the cake is loaded, the stack of cakes is not correct; ④The pressing is too fast and too strong. The corresponding elimination methods are: ① Take proper steaming and frying directions, increase the material temperature to above 85 ℃, and the moisture content is less than 7%; ② Pay attention to the uniform thickness of the cake when making the cake; ③ When the cake is loaded, the cake should be stacked; ④ appropriate Reduce the pressing speed.

  6, the oil leaks from the gap between the hydraulic cylinder and the piston

  the reason is:

  ①The mouth of the leather bowl is installed wrongly; ②The leather bowl is damaged. The troubleshooting method is: reinstall the leather bowl and replace with a new leather bowl.

  7, the safety valve fails

The reasons are: ①The oil is not clean and the dirt settles on the contact surface; ②The spring loses its elasticity; ③The adjustment screw is loosened and does not reach the specified pressure; ④The valve is damaged by the steel ball due to frequent overpressure operation. The corresponding elimination method is: ① Disassemble and clean, if the valve port or valve needle is damaged, it should be ground; ② Replace the spring; ③ Re-adjust the screw to make the pressure reach 40 MPa; ④ Re-grind the valve, replace the new steel ball and pay attention to the operation procedure .

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