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Hydraulic oil press This machine is based on the principle of hydrostatic pressure transmission, using hydraulic oil as the pressure transmission medium to squeeze the oil to extract the oil. MORE Hydraulic oil press
Screw oil press This product makes use of the pressure generated by the change of the space volume from large to small in the press chamber and the propulsion force of the screw shaft, the resistance of the multi-petal arc curve in the press ring, and the mutual squeezing and friction between the raw materials The squeezing force generated by the synthesis separates the oil from the embryo MORE 螺旋榨油机
Horizontal oil press Simple operation: Compared with the old-fashioned horizontal hydraulic oil press, this machine has greater pressing force, can automatically squeeze, simple operation, high degree of automation, the squeezing process does not need to be monitored all the time, and ordinary workers only need to familiarize themselves with the instructions. Oil extraction work. MORE 质量取胜 诚信为本 客户至上



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Hydraulic oil press

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Wangquan brand 6YY-280D hydraulic oil press

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Main oil crops: peanut, soybean, rapeseed, tea seed, rapeseed, sunflower and various oil crops. Use power supply 380V (220V), motor power 3kw/h.

This machine has the advantages of simple operation, beautiful appearance, high pressure and high oil output rate. It is the ideal product for customers to make a fortune.

Basic operation

1. Turn on the power before use, and the motor requires forward rotation (the oil pump does not work when reversed).

2. The expansion and contraction of the oil cylinder of this machine is operated by the manual reversing valve.

3. When the oil is exhausted, first push the reversing valve to the bottom end in the opposite direction, and then rotate the ring lifting rod to the right into the groove, start the power switch, the oil cylinder rising plate and the barrel are lifted, and lifted to each side of the frame Where there is an iron plate, rotate the barrel, place the lower edge of the groove plate on the iron plates on both sides of the frame, and then pull the reversing valve outward to start the pressure of the oil top, and the oil cake will fall out of the lower part of the barrel. After the oil cake is finished, pull the reversing valve back up, rotate the barrel, and return the barrel to the bottom to prepare for the next pressing.

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